About Me

Hiya bookish people!
Yeah, it’s a slightly weird slogan. But hopefully you’ll stick around to see it a lot more, as it is the opening for all of my posts.

Welcome! This little area of the internet (I can’t really say corner, because everyone seems to have a corner, and I don’t know how many corners are left) is A Few Chapters ’til Love, or AFCTL.

As you might have guessed from the slogan above, I basically survive on books, coffee, and Netflix. AFCTL is my little area where I can ramble, tell you all about the books that I read, movies I watch, and so many more things. I technically identify as an international book blogger, as I am based in little ol’ New Zealand.

Now, I’m sure you want to know a little more about these things so I’ll expand below! If you’re already bored of the ‘About Me’ page, then please feel free to jump straight over to my blog posts!


First things first. I love fantasy. If I am reading (which I pretty much always am), the chances are that it is a fantasy. Fae fantasy is my favourite, such as the heartbreaking Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, or the cunning Folk of the Air series by Holly Black. Both are books I recommend.

Speaking of recommendations and reviews… I am available to request ARC’s and Advanced Copies. I am also happy to be a consumer test and to give you feedback on your WIP! If you want to read some of my reviews, there’s sorted lists in the menu above, or you can go directly to that blog stream. You can also see just my ARC reviews, you can do that too!

I really only have three policies :

  • I would prefer to have at least 12 days notice to read your book, as I may have other books to review or other things I am doing at the time. If you need an urgent review, please tell me so we can work that out 🙂
  • I am a teenager, who is reading novels targeted towards teenagers. Please only request a review from me if your book is for the YA or NA genre. Additionally, if I feel uncomfortable with the material, I hold the right to not review your book (at which point I will tell you, but may not disclose why. Privacy, y’all!).
  • Lastly, physical copies of books will definitely be prioritised over any digital books I have waiting to be reviewed. Any SWAG is appreciated but not necessary, and I will not be receiving any sort of compensation for my reviews, as they will be completely truthfull.
  • Whew! What a mouthful!


    Coffee. Where would I be without my coffee? My wonderful wakeup call, afternoon drink, lunch time companion, and reading buddy. More times then I’d care to admit have ended with coffee rings on homework (but never books!) and enough energy to run faster than a cheetah!

    Personally, I take my coffee with a bit of milk and nothing else, although in the most recent summer I have started making iced coffee at home (with just a tiny dolop of brown sugar!).

    If we didn’t have our Nespresso machine, I wouldn’t be able to try all the amazing coffee that I have. But! Oh, but! The downside of amazing limited edition coffee’s is that they go out of stock! Like the Snowball coffee. I’ll never forget it, Christmas of 2018, it was the best coffee I’ve ever had from them. And it’s gone, but never forgotten.

    And an amazing thing about my school, we have a barista! And yes, that means a lot of my money goes down my throat, but I can’t not have the coffee, she makes it so very well!

    Mugs are just another reason to love coffee. My bookish mugs now have a drink I can have whilst I read my latest find.


    Netflix. Where would I be without Netflix? I watch so much, I even watch it while I blog (no, I’m totally not watching Sex Education S01E07 as I write this page. You are). Somehow, Netflix has not blended over to my school life, for which I am very grateful.

    I have heaps and heaps of Netflix recommendations, most of which you can find in my monthly Wrap Up posts, as I have all the shows and movies I watched that month. I will always recommend The 100 to anyone who asks, and Lucifer is now on that list too. It was recommended to me and I love it.

    Finally, if The Notebook, and Age of Adeline are on your Netflix, please watch them, tell me, and let me rant and cry to you because I need to. I need to, okay?!

    (and an honorable mention to Disney+, because I have loved using it so much)