Happy Halloween Eve!

Hiya bookish people! Happy Halloween! As a special Halloween post, I am here to tell you guys a bunch of spooky books you can read or start to read tomorrow, Grimm stories, movies, and a recap of some things in Alexandra’s Spooktober list that I have done! To either start, skim through, or bask in … Continue reading Happy Halloween Eve!

New Releases || November 2020

Hiya bookish people! Here are this years September YA releases! What ones are you most excited for? What books are you looking forward / did you put on your TBR this month? Emma xx

The Liebster Award #4

Hiya bookish people! So. This was from back in *hides* August! I am so sorry Lucy! Lucy has been a great email-pen-pal of mine and now I am finally getting to do her tag! The Rules of the Award Thank the person who nominated you ( thank you again Lucy! ) Answer the given questions … Continue reading The Liebster Award #4

Books that are too ✨ s p i c y ✨ for new YA readers

Hiya bookish people! Is this another list? Yes. Am I obsessed with lists? Yes. Are spreadsheets just fancier and more informative lists? Frick yeah! I started reading YA at a very young age. I started reading books categorised as ‘Young Adult’ at about age 10 – 11. Now, this may be the same as everyone … Continue reading Books that are too ✨ s p i c y ✨ for new YA readers

ATLAS : Enneagram

Hiya bookish people!               I took in everyone’s feedback a while ago, and really appreciate all the input from people, so here is               a Media post. In Media posts, I’ll talk about TV shows, movies, and music that I’ve been into   … Continue reading ATLAS : Enneagram