Hiya bookish people!

I was tagged by the amazing April Lee over at Booked Till Midnight . . . in November 2020. Talk about running a bit behind schedule! Even though it has taken a while for me to get around to filling in this award, I really wanna thank April for this nomination!

Rules :

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions
  • Notify your 11 nominee

What would the name of your autobiography be?

I’ve actually thought about this one quite a bit. I think that, given that I seem to be a highly functioning person who is honestly winging it at this point, it would have to follow that thought process. So, I present to you : ‘A Guide to Looking Like You Have a F*cking Clue’ by Emma AFCTL, coming soon to book stores near you!

* Cover designed by Me. Ft. Dunlop in the top left, screaming

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I am a bit of a pig. My stepmum makes the most amazing Cauliflower cheese ever! She makes it every time winter comes around, and it’s one of the only reasons I don’t condemn winter to prison. In fact, there are very few reasons I don’t banish winter ( not that I could, but if I could I would ). Here they are ( yes slightly off-topic, so feel free to skip )

  • Moody Bon Iver listening under the shade-sail while it rains around me + a blanket + a coffee
  • Rain on our roof at 3 am
  • Jumping in puddles on the way to school ( although -2 points for giving me wet socks / jeans for the rest of the day 
  • It’s one of my friends favourite seasons
  • I’m in a highly populated city where this has never happened ( and also my Christmas is in summer, but this is a possibility for when I eventually travel back to England! ), but a white Christmas

* I apologise for the line spacing here, I am not sure how to change it in a bulleted-list without code! *

Is the frosting or the cake the best part of the cupcake?

Oh, definitely the cake. There’s always wayyy too much frosting in the frosting : cake ratio.

What is your favourite book that you read for school?

Without a doubt,Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It’s my favourite classic novel ever ( yes, I know ‘Emma’ exists, people always assume that would be my favourite because of my name ) and I got to do a deep reading of it last year for school.

I loved it! I got to buy another copy of the book and go through and annotate my old copy. One day I can’t wait to give that copy to a friend, or relative, or partner or second-hand store. I want to know what they think when they read my scribbles, but that destroys the point of it. Maybe they’ll add their own. There’s something beautiful in reading the thoughts that someone has when they read something they love.

If you could carry one condiment around ( and it wouldn’t spoil ) what would you choose?

Hmm. Probably HP sauce. It goes with everything.

Is pineapple on pizza yay or nay??

Pass. Too controversial! Come on April, don’t do that to me! ( Kidding, it’s all good but still gonna keep the answer close to my heart! )

What colour would your mermaid tail be?

An exact replica of the Season 1 / 2 tails from ‘H2O Just Add Water’. The Season 3 ones just looked a lot faker and plastic-y. I always dreamed of having a full-on mermaid tail when I was little, and my friend Darby and I would always play mermaids! I even had a monofin / swimming leggings with a scale pattern at one point but unfortunately, it broke 😦

If you could become one animal for the day, what would you choose?

It depends on whether we are talking about fictional, or reality. I think if I was going with fictional I would go with a wyvern or dragon! To soar across the skies, massive power behind me, the exertion of my muscles to fly . . . and oh, to just fly! And for that exact reason, I would choose a Hawke in a reality-based version. I have a bone-deep longing to just  . . . soar!

Who is your best book friend?

Hmm. I have got a very few close people to me at this point in my life who I wouldn’t trade for the life of me, so it is super difficult to honestly say I could choose someone else! I think if I had to ask someone to join us in that little bubble, I would have to say . . . Angela Webber from ‘the Twilight Saga’. With the current Twilight Renaissance, I was reminded about how pure Angela is and how she was one of the only friends that Bella had who never spoke badly of her or was catty. She was an amazing friend, and it would have been so hard for Bella to leave her behind.

What is your most anticipated release for 2021?

So, ha, I may currently be in 2021. To make this question as fair as I can I am gonna choose a release for later in the year, which is This Poison Heart’ by Kalynn Byron*. The whole premise sounds amazing, and slightly reminds me of A Treason of Thorns by Laura E. Weymouth in the way that the MC is connected to the land and house in inexplicable and magical ways. And I love the witchy vibes that this book gives off! 

*So, This Poison Heart releases on June 29th, and I first drafted this post on the 17th of June so please don’t point out that this book is already out!

What is your favourite book from 2020?

I would have to say my favourite book from 2020 was ‘House of Salt and Sorrows’ by Erin A. Craig. While it wasn’t released in 2020, I read it in 2020. I quickly fell in love with it after being convinced to read it by Alexandra’s glowing review!

I nominate :

My questions for you :

  • What middle-grade book do you miss reading?
  • Which fairytale specialty would you have? ( eg. Fairy, Mermaid, Witch, Wizard etc )
  • What bookish stereotype do we need to throw away?
  • What would the name of your autobiography be? ( Sorry April, it was such a good question I had to reuse it! )
  • What is your favourite flower?
  •  Can you tolerate instrumental / orchestral versions of songs, or only lyrical?
  •  In the Summer, what is your go-to cool-down snack?
  • Have you ever dreamed of working in the book industry? ( eg. author, editor, marketing, publishing )
  •  Is there such thing as a ‘perfect time to read’? If so, when is it?
  •  What’s your horoscope today?
  •  Put an inside joke from one of your friends here. No context. Do it.

* I apologise for the line spacing here, I am not sure how to change it in a bulleted-list without code! *

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6 thoughts on “The Liebster Award #5

  1. i love the question for the “title of your autobiography”. i am VERY bad with titles, so i have no idea what i’d choose. i think “a guide to looking like you have a fucking clue” is a genius title, especially because pretending you have your shit together is in fact a SKILL.

    listening to bon over in the winter is *the* reason winter exists. the band created this season, i’m pretty sure. lol it’s currently winter where i live and the weather is *VERY* cold (much colder it’s ever been. like, i live in a tropical place, i shouldn’t be going through 5ºC weather and yet here we are). meaning that i’ve been streaming to *a lot* of bon iver/twilight soundtrack because the vibes are soooo perfect.

    also controversial: but i do prefer the frosting when it comes to cake!


  2. A Guide to Looking Like You Have a F*cking Clue – LOLOL I LOVE THAT. Also hi that would be my autobiography as well except I don’t think I’ve mastered that… except maybe in school papers. 😅

    I completely agree about frosting being way too much – the cake is definitely the best part!


  3. Thank you for the tag and sorry for taking forever to acknowledge it. I am returning to my blog, honestly. And I do have a list of tags to catch up on too so I look forward to answering your questions.
    Great name for your autobiography. Personally, as someone who lives in England, I’d be surprised if you got a white Christmas here. Scotland maybe? It’s always colder up there. Omg I still need to start reading some classics 🙈 I want to catch up on some more of my own books first though. Wuthering Heights is one of the ones in most curious about though. Although Secret Garden is the one I’m most likely to buy, purely because I’ve seen the most stunning version ever 😂
    Have you managed to read This Poison Heart yet? I preordered it and haven’t 🙈 in my defence I was mostly reading my preorders until I got library books out and everything went wrong
    Hope you’re well 💗💗


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