Review Policy

I really only have three policies :
    I would prefer to have at least 12 days notice to read your book, as I may have other books to review or other things I am doing at the time. If you need an urgent review, please tell me so we can work that out 🙂
    I am a teenager, who is reading novels targeted towards teenagers. Please only request a review from me if your book is for the YA or NA genre. Additionally, if I feel uncomfortable with the material, I hold the right to not review your book (at which point I will tell you, but may not disclose why. Privacy, y’all!).
    Lastly, physical copies of books will definitely be prioritised over any digital books I have waiting to be reviewed. Any SWAG is appreciated but not necessary, and I will not be receiving any sort of compensation for my reviews, as they will be completely truthfull.