Hiya bookish people!

                                        This new series will take place once a month, and I encourage anyone to take part! It will take
                                        place on the last Friday of the month, and you write a letter to a character from a book that you
                                        loved, hated, or need to thank. If you do take part, please credit me so I can read your awesome
                                        posts! The questions are :

                                        “Dear ______”
                                        Where did you ‘meet’ this character?
                                        What impact have they had on you as a reader / person / author etc?
                                        What do you remember of your first ‘meeting’?
                                        Have they inspired you / what about them has inspired you?
                                        Why do you want to say thank you?

Dear Hermione Granger

I grew up with you, watching you go from page to screen, from page to heart to heart to heart. You inspired me in so many ways. You taught me that being smart and academic doesn’t mean you can’t also be a badass. I learned from you dedication, fierce protectiveness and a love for everything academic – I probably wouldn’t have loved my schoolwork at all if I didn’t have a role model who did.

I remember reading your character and then seeing you on screen. There you were, a girl like me with big bushy unruly hair, a smile for your friends, and a standoffish attitude. It was then I knew I had found someone to inspire me. From reading you try to beat a troll, to watching your heart break at the final war, I was following you and your character. You were done dirty in the books, and there is so much more to you then what is just on the page. You weren’t just the friend and love interest, you were the parent when Ron and Harry didn’t have their own there, you were loyal and fierce and amazing.

You knew what you had to lose at all times – from being a muggle to one of the most brilliant witches of all time. You knew that you risked being expelled, cast away from the new world that you held so tightly. And yet you risked everything you could have ever wanted for yourself to make sure others were alright. Do I always agree with that? No. Do I think that there are things you’ve done that I disagree with? Certainly. But if anything, that made you better because it made you relatable and it made you real.

Here I am, and I want to say thank you. Without you, I would never have found my love for reading and tenacity and realised hey, I can be a bit rude and care about schoolwork but still be a good person.

Thank you.

Best wishes and kind regards,

6 thoughts on “Letter to a Character || Dear Hermione, thank you

  1. Oh, Emma – this is such a beautiful and creative idea. And it makes me so happy to know that Hermione shaped you too. I feel like there’s a little Hermione in all us bookworms. She had this quiet strength, and I loved to see that this intelligent, bookish character could save the wizarding world. 💙

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    1. Thank you!
      She does and I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without her. In a way, I miss the way I used to be able to read Hermione with the same innocence as her.

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  2. This is such a creative idea – hasn’t Hermione shaped all of us? I grew up with her by my side and she was (still is) an integral part of my childhood. This is so gorgeously written, and I loved the courage she had, and how she always stood by her friends ❤🥺

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