Hiya bookish people!

As a kid, I loved Barbie, and I don’t know many other people who didn’t. Heck, I still watch it now, when I get the chance. And with recently ordering my physical copy of House of Salt and Sorrows, I felt it only fair to compile a list. Lists are cool.

I’ve written down the books that remind me of my favourite Barbie movies, of which there are four. Some of these are retellings, and some of these just had really strong vibes that made me think of these movies, or the books while watching the movies. I’ve also included the link to my favourite scenes in each movie.

Alexandra? Alexandra! Where are you!? You need to check I’ve got these right!

Goodreads and Wikia links are on the left!

Comparison : This book is pretty much just a retelling of Rapunzel. Although the whole Chronicles isn’t centered around Rapunzel, it’s obvious that this one is. Also, can I say how much I have always loved this cover?

Comparison : SPOILERS FOR THRONE OF GLASS SERIES || When Aelin is revealed to be Celaena, I was instantly reminded of a Princess and the Pauper situation – Celaena was there to keep Aelin a secret and keep her and her Kingdom safe, and then she stepped back into her shoes as Queen of Terrasen.

Comparison : Magic of the Pegasus gives me such Russian vibes – the Castle, the mountains, the way the story is told . . . And so of course I was reminded of the world of the Grisha trilogy.

Comparison : Reminded me of trying to save your best friend or someone you considered family, knowing the risk it may take on yourself. For Elena, it was saving Nalu, and for Evie it is Anna.

Comparison : A High School teenage drama focused around boys and a chaotic personal life, reminding me of both Barbie and Andie. ( this is where I fell asleep on my desk at 1am in the morning, so this one is pretty short )

Comparison : House of Salt and Sorrows is a dark and gruesome retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses – so of course this is what I had to put! My copy arrived in the mail a few days ago and it ! Is ! So ! Freaking ! Beautiful ! ! !

Comparison : I mean, this connection was pretty clear to me. Both are islands full of weird and wonderful beings – Miss Peregrine with her children, Ro with Azuel and Tinka and Sagi. Both have a visitor to the island, that changes their lives forever.

Comparison : I don’t know if this is one that everyone will see, but here is how I see it. Everything Everything spoilers! || The Queen got sick, and Hannah made her sick. Then, Mariposa and her friends went away to find a cure and make the Queen better. Maddy is allergic to the outside, her mom told her. Maddy meets Olly, and she decides to go outside. She gets sick, and finds out her mom was lying, meaning she made her sick.

Comparison : So, Stella and Poe. You cannot tell me that their friendship would not literally be Liana and Alexis. They were ride or die, and were friends to the end. Even if they did have a couple of disagreements.

Comparison : While I haven’t yet read The Afterlife of Holly Chase, it is a very high number for my Christmas TBR for 2020. This book is a YA retelling of Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

Comparison : I connected these two, because to me, Harper with her disability ( cerebral palsy) and Thumbelina with her size, neither girls let these things get in the way of what they believed in and what they could accomplish.

Comparison : Three Dark Crowns gives me the impression of a reversed and / or twisted tale of the three musketeers. Instead of working together, they must work against each other in order to become queen.

Comparison : Both Alex and Merliah live close to the beach. Both find a love there – for Alex it is romantic and for Merliah it is surfing. Both find their new lives in and by the sea.

Comparison : I started Spin the Dawn as an audio-book last year, and just couldn’t for the life of me get into it. I am thinking of picking it up again since I thought of this comparison – the fashion, the new world, the art they create is amazing.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t think of any for Swan Lake and Nutcracker. I’m sorry.

Do you agree with these comparisons? Do you have any you’d add? Do you have any suggestions for Swan Lake and or Nutcracker?


26 thoughts on “Books as Barbie Movies

  1. so i didn’t know i needed this list until now, but this is honestly such a hilarious, brilliant, and creative idea. you included some great books on the list 💙💙

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      1. I’m not right now! But it’s just so hard to juggle everything- I started a lot of new things during the summer and now I have to balance that + school + all my classes starting again 😭😭

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  2. AHHHHHHHHH MY INNER CHILD IS SCREAMING! EMMA, THIS POST IS PERFECTION!!! [and now I kinda want to write one too 😂]

    First of all, House of Salt and Sorrows PERFECTLY encapsulates the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Annaleigh gave off some serious Genevieve vibes!

    Secondly, Spin the Dawn as A Fashion Fairy Tale??? Um, YES!!!

    Basically, all of these recommendations are freaking SPOT ON! 🙌🙌🙌

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    1. You should!! Maybe we could work together to make a Barbie Book Tag too??

      She does! I am still so happy you put me onto that book, I love it so much!!

      Thank you!!!!

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      1. Don’t worry about it! I have been so slack lately. Should I email you maybe so we can collab on a Google doc or smthg?

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  3. Taking me back to my childhood over here:) I too was obsessed with Barbie dolls and had an enormous collection! Did you have a favorite Barbie movie?
    Yesss, all these books are great choice👍😉

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  4. I DON’T HAVE WORDS to describe how great and creative this post’s idea is! i low-key love barbie movies and i appreciate so much the different links.

    magic of pegasus is such a stunning movie, it’s been a long time since i watched it but i remember adoring the aesthetic. but the 12 dancing princesses will forever be my favorite barbie movie and i had no idea house of salt and arrows was a retelling of it! i definitely will have to check it out now!

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