Hiya bookish people!

So, yet again, I took a short hiatus.
Why? School, and life, has recently become a lot. And I have asked myself quite a few times “why did this happen once lockdown was over?” and honestly, I have no freaking clue. But here I am, which is the main thing and I am here to talk about three things. Term 4, exams, and a new blogging schedule!

I miss you guys so much! I haven’t talked to any of you in way too long, and am asking you to answer these three things in the comments below.

  1. How are you? Honestly?
  2. What is something that has happened recently that you want to share about?
  3. Are you looking forward to Halloween?

Please please answer, I am missing y’all so much!

I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in NZ, the school year is split into four terms which are anywhere between nine-to-eleven weeks long ( eg. theoretically they are all ten weeks, but one might be nine weeks and one may be eleven while the other two are ten ). And, with it being the end of the school year, that means exams. But apart from exams, it means finishing assessments, realising Christmas ( and Halloween ) is way closer than I ever thought, and realising that I may be leaving school early?

I got a comment from my English teacher ( I am taking Level 3 English a year early ) said that I should consider leaving school a year early to consider going to work or university as my work is currently at that level, which is a major compliment! The scary part? My parents agreed with her.

This means that with less than ten weeks of my school year to go, I may be deciding to not go back for Year 13 as English is my main subject and since I am sitting it a year early I can’t sit it next year. Although the school may sponsor me for some university papers? I have a meeting with my careers councilor tomorrow to consider it.

Term four also means saying goodbye to some year-above-me friends, ending another year at the cafeteria, and trying really hard to find a Christmas holiday job, since I am currently saving for a car. Scary.

*insert terrified screaming here*

Okay. I have to admit, I have it a bit easier this year than other students. In my school, we take five subjects and there is an exam offered for nearly every subject available. In these exams, we can sit a maximum of three papers.

This year, I am taking two exams. Why not the other three? Well, technically I have passed my year with the credits I need at a really high level, so I want to maintain those grades instead of bringing down my average with exams I am less likely to perform to a high level. All of my teachers in these subjects have agreed, so that leaves me with four papers.

Statistics : one paper – Yep, one paper. That’s pretty good, but I have my preliminary/mock exams first so I am worried to see how I may do as the topic of probability is not my strong suit but that is the focus of the exam. If I don’t do well without confidence from my teacher that study will improve my grade, I won’t sit the final exam as every assessment internally for Statistics has been an Excellence grade.
English : three papers – Yeah. Three papers in three hours. One is for familiar visual text ( Moonlight ), one is for familiar written text ( undecided but I am thinking a dystopian novel ) and unfamiliar text ( a poem or short story they will provide me in the exam ). I am gonna sit all of these in the preliminary and see how I go. If I go well, I may be able to do all of them in the real exam but I will see on the day and take them one at a time.

And as one of those students who could read and so were considered ‘academically gifted’ I never really learnt how to study. I am stressed.

Unfortunately, I will be having to cut down on my content for the foreseeable future. I have a few reasons for this.

  1. Increased school and life meaning I have less time
  2. End of the year and trying to catch up with friends before the end of year holidays
  3. Helping my mum move house
  4. And lastly, trying to avoid End of Year blogger burnout
  5. ( and I am not reading much recently so that doesn’t help )

This means I will still post twice a week.

Mondays are still discussions.
Wednesday reviews have been cancelled until I have time to write reviews.
Fridays are still tags ( some of which I have planned to make with some other awesome bloggers! )
And at the end of each month, I will still do a letter to a character and a wrap-up and an upcoming releases list.

Emma xx

( don’t forget to answer my questions! )

Screamcatcher: The Shimmering Eye

Eighteen-year-old Jory Pike, a half-blood Chippewa, is depending upon her Native ancestry to help her investigate one of the strangest hauntings she’s ever encountered. A 500-plus acre ranch in rural Montana is under psychic and physical attack. The ranch’s owner, the elderly Ambrose Tucker, is determined to hold steadfast and courageously to his beloved property. Answering an ad in Jory’s outfit, The Badlands Paranormal Society, Ambrose hopes to rid his property of evil spirits once and for all.
Jory and her crew of three other teenagers, each of whom bring to the table their own line of skills and expertise, have brought every known piece of hardware and technical equipment to Granite Springs Ranch. Although the assignment seems ordinary at first, and the answer to the haunting seems eminent, everything spirals out of control and leaves the team terrified. The problem is, they have no idea that they’re being outclassed and sabotaged by a malevolent spirit, who seems to know their every move.
If Jory and the Badlands Paranormal Society don’t solve the problem in quick fashion, they stand to lose the $50,000 extermination fee, but worst of all, they will allow a dangerous and unmerciful entity to unleash a hoard of vicious mythological creatures that will run rampant over the ranch and surrounding properties. Jory has no idea how she and her teammate’s mettle will be tested, bringing them near the edge of insanity, physical endurance and death.

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6 thoughts on “Term 4, Exams, New Blogging Schedule

  1. To grow up is so scary! I was exactly at the same point you are right now when I was younger but don’t worry, everything is going to turn out fine! =) You’re awesome and you’ll rock your exams. ❤ I'm sure of it. And I'm kind of proud of you too! Because university one year earlier sounds HUGE!! As to your questions: I'm doing okay. 2020 isn't my year but you gotta deal with the lemon's life hands you. 😉 I love Halloween but I don't think we'll celebrate it over here. At least not this year… Covid is kind of getting in the way. But I can still watch scary movies and eat sweets. *lol*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I decided to do a little loophole – a University course worth some points while I’m still at high school.
      Well, I hope your lemons aren’t too sour, V!
      Haha, if anything is good about Halloween in a year of social distancing, it’s the discounted candy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh that’s so exciting about potentially finishing school earlier – that’s such an amazing compliment and achievement. Good luck with your exams too, I’m sure you’ll do great! As for me, I’m doing well! I’ve been applying to uni this week which is so crazy, so I totally understand you on how nerve-wracking it is to be in the last year of school! & On Halloween, I don’t really celebrate it but I do love autumn so I’m loving all of the cosy vibes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s scary and a bit worrying so I am doing a loophole : Finishing English early and doing an English uni course at High School with my other high school subjects.
      Yay! I know you’ll get into so many of them – they’d be stupid not to take you!
      The cosy vibes are definitely the best 🍂🍁


  3. Okay, I know I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again – I am just so IN LOVE with your new theme and aesthetic! I mean, the ocean waves [ahhhh, the Cardigan vibes], the vintage maps? What a VIBE! 💙💙💙
    As for your questions…
    How are you? Honestly?
    Well, I’ve been struggling with my anxiety again in lock down [I think I’m aware I’ll be thrust back into work soon and I’m not ready] but I’m hanging in there.

    What is something that has happened recently that you want to share about?
    My parents [who live in Queensland] send me my Christmas present early because they felt super bad for abandoning me and moving during 2020. They surprised me with an outdoor lounge set that they personally had delivered. I’m LOVING it for summer – it’s super comfy and interchangeable! [I’ll probably have a picture in my October wrap-up].

    Are you looking forward to Halloween?
    YAS! [Even though we hardly celebrate it in the Southern Hemisphere – missed opportunity]. I’ve planed for lots of spooky posts, moody reading material [you just know I’m re-reading House of Salt and Sorrow!!!], themed movie nights and festive meals. I have no chill.

    I hope you’re well! Sending all my love! 💙
    [Sorry for the freaking essay…]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was heavily inspired by House of Salt and Sorrows, actually . . . I wonder why !
      I know you’ll do well. Work can be hard but I know you’re a hard worker and are so freaking strong that you’ll do amazing!

      Yay! That does sound super duper comfy! It’s good that you get to use it during the Summer, we are about to go into summer and I can’t wait to get all the Vitamin D ( even if it is from my lawn lol )

      Sending my love too!
      ( apology status : rejected )

      Liked by 1 person

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