Crystal Shadows: Gripping New Blood by R.J. Parker

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Sarah Field lives alone with her dad, a teacher at her school. The two of them share a close bond and, unusually, both have the same birthday, which they also share with Sarah’s grandfather, who died when Sarah was small. Sarah knows very little about her grandfather, and her dad insists on keeping it that way.

However, one night, Sarah finds her dad acting in a mysterious way and also hears strange noises after her dad has gone out. Sarah’s friends come to the rescue to help her investigate, and they make a shocking discovery. Someone is living in the attic! And that someone is none other than Sarah’s grandfather! But, this is no ordinary grandfather…

With the discovery of her grandfather comes the question as to whether Sarah has the power to give life to the amulet – the Telum Deos – that will help to fight the forces of darkness.

Thank you to the author, who sent me a copy of Crystal Shows, Gripping New Blood in exchange for an honest review.
I received no compensation for this review.

When I picked up this book, I was a little dubious. The length of the book confused me, making me think that this would be left with two options: a book that had too little detail, or a book that left with weird cliffhangers in place. I was wrong. The length of this was perfect, as it’s short and punchy style let me get lost in the story of Sarah and Jack and Shaw and the rest of the crew scouring the attic and finding the amulet. Everything that came after also kept me hooked, and when I finished I was not surprised to find that I had consumed the book in only a couple of hours.

I would say that this is a perfect book for a middle grade reader to try to get them hooked on the world of YA – it’s simple narration, while it could’ve been a little fleshed out, was good as it didn’t take away from the plot or characters of the book. The adventure was hooking and I didn’t want to put it down, so I didn’t.

I also loved how the plot progressed, and the way the dark threat of the amulet wasn’t pursued in a way that it let down the rest of the book, or completely changed the genre or age target was definitely a skill to be praised – it’s something I have seen far too many times.

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