Spreadsheets – I have an unhealthy obsession

Hiya bookish people!

To put it lightly, I have an obsession with spreadsheets. With more time on my hands, I have been expanding my already vast collection of spreadsheets, and thought that I should share with you guys all of my spreadsheets ( so far! ) All the pictures have been put into expandables because they are so big and might make the post cluttered.

First up! My Catalogue. I have always loved the idea of having a massive library that I can run my hands over and lend out and just… love. Coffee, a fireplace, pillows, archways and pressed flowers. A slightly unrealistic expectation, but a girl has gotta have wishes! Otherwise when I find a genie I’ll be stuck for ideas.

Anyway, I have currently got seven pages on this one. Yes, seven. If it’s easier, you can just open it here, but basically. I have five pages of my physical books, one page of my kindle books, and one page for the books that I am currently loaning out. Here are some photos!

Yep! And now, for my scheduling calendar! I use google sheets for this one too because as much as Calendars are good, I hate them so freaking much, so I use this! I am gonna show you guys the last three months because we don’t want spoilers on upcoming content

Next, I do in fact track my comments. Now please! Wait! I do not in any way see you guys as a statistic! I just found that I can’t go into wordpress and see which category of posts gets more interaction, and so I did it myself. I like to see that “hey, this type of discussion post I did got some awesome feedback and interaction” or “okay, this topic is probably not something people want to talk about”. That’s it. I do not care about the total comments, and you guys are way more than just statistics to me. Here is a section from my reviews page.

And finally, you guys know my book graphics? Ones like this? Well, I even have a spreadsheet for those! Since I upload all my graphics through Imgur so I can code them in, I have them in a spreadsheet for easy access. I also include the cover graphics here too, but I am only gonna show you this one for now 🙂

So yeah, those are all my spreadsheets!

Open the spreadsheets here:

Do you use spreadsheets?

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  1. Holy heck, Em! That’s a LOT of spreed sheets! 😂

    I actually admire your skills and the time it must take to create such detailed spread sheets. Unfortunately I’ve never been tech savvy enough to actually grasp how to make and structure spread lists. I am 100% a list gal. I’m talking good ol’ fashioned note books full of lists. I have lists for the things I want, the books I’ve read, the books I want to read, the things I want to do, my bucket list… I’m almost as obsessive in my perfectionism in lists as you are with your spreads! 😉 ❤

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    1. I know! I really love making them, but I never actually seem to be able to make formulas work for school, as is always the way.

      I have spent hours on spreadsheets – hours I really should be using to write my Assignments, but oh well.
      I LOVE LISTS TOO, ALEXANDRA ARE WE SURE WE AREN’T THE SAME PERSON??????? I have lists scattered all across the house, and use spreadsheets fro stuff I wanna update or be able to go ‘beep, boop, give me an answer so I don’t have to mathematics’.

      Lists and spreadsheets are the most superior filing and cataloging systems.

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  2. That is indeed an obsession with spreadsheets! A good one to have though 😉
    It’s only this year that i started doing some too. The stats Goodreads gives you at the end of the year are by no means satisfying xD

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    1. Haha, thank you! I like to think so.
      They really aren’t – what sort of spreadsheets have you been doing?


  3. This is amazing… My brain is doing some serious gymnastics right now😂 I downloaded Reader Voracious’s spreadsheet, but I deleted all of the pages except, like, three. Props to you, Emma, because this is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha.
      I just went and checked them out – Oh My Gosh they are intense! I’d love to try fulling them out but I am gonna have to dedicate a fair bit of time to it . . . worth it!
      Thank you so much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!!!
      Hahaha, thank you! I am thinking of doing templates for them, and try to fill our Reader Voracious’s sheets but I am gonna have to dedicate a lot of time to it.
      ILYT ❤

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  4. “Otherwise when I find a genie I’ll be stuck for ideas.” can you please write a book, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

    And wow, the courage and time and dedication. Sorted by LENGTH? You’re superhuman.

    I don’t use spreadsheets (though now that you’ve shown us how aesthetical and satisfying they are, I think I’ll cave and try) but I use Trello and kinda like it.

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    1. Hahaha, maybe one day 😉

      Boredom got the best of me . . . and procrastinating all my online classwork. It is a great motivator!

      Trello is really cool and I love using it ( when I remember ). I am thinking of doing some templates for these, if you’re interested?

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  5. Ahh I’m totally with you on the spreadsheets!! I never used to like Excel but now I have so many – I just love filling them in, even if I don’t necessarily need them😂
    I haven’t got a catalogue though that sounds like so much fun??

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