Hiya bookish people!

I guess that I am taking part in the O.W.L’s Magical Readathon! I have seen this Readathon around the blogosphere for a couple of years but I have never had the time to commit to the task. I decided that this year, I am going to give it a go.

For all the information about the 2020 O.W.L’s, check out the video by G at Book Roast below. I’ll also list some of the resources underneath the video but you can find them anyway on the Magical Readathon website.

There were so many different careers to choose from, but I decided to pursue being a magical Librarian, because I would love to spend my days surrounded by enchanted scripts and scrolls and books that have even more magic than my own. There are so many different careers you can choose from, and I know that a lot of them are some that people wouldn’t even think of picking, but regardless.

The course description is :

Hundreds of years ago, during the Dark War, many of the most magical tomes have been scattered all over the world in an attempt to weaken the future generations of witches and wizards, Although the majority of the tomes have been discovered and transcribed, some of the rarest tomes are still out there. Thus alongside assisting witches and wizards with their material and taking care of the library, one of the main tasks of a librarian is to seek and hunt the Lost Tomes of Knowledge.

Often confused with the muggle career of the same name, librarian’s job is extremely dangerous. Books are the single most important means of our education and the task of guarding, distributing and hunting of magical tomes is not to be taken lightly. This is a position for the adventurous at heart!

Are you prepared to battle dark forces, enchantments, and curses? If so, in return we offer unlimited access to any and all written material available to mankind.

A 3 year hunting sabbatical is available if you wish to focus on the search of Lost Tomes. Unlimited access to librarian-only search notes dating back to the Dark War will be made available to you after 2 years of service.

All librarians are hired by the Ministry of Magic and work under the supervision of the Department of Mysteries. You must be extremely fluent in Ancient Runes. Further details are unknown.

No further studies are mandatory, however written and physical tests will be conducted.

*Those of you who do not pick this profession as a goal WILL forget about the description within 2 hours of reading it as a preventative measure.

I know! Awesome, right? I get to travel the world to find magical tomes, break curses and enchantments and get access to anything written by mankind ever! I am going to be taking Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Transfiguration, History of Magic, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

That’s five books this month! I can do that, I think. Especially with quarantine set to last another couple of weeks. I am gonna try to use the books up on my physical TBR, but if I can’t then I will use the books on my kindle, or buy them since this month’s reading budget allows for a lot more since I will be buying Kindle copies.

🐍 Ancient Runes 🐍

heart on the cover or in the title

A Heart so Fierce and Broken is a book that’s been on my TBR for ages, if not the longest since I only joined Goodreads when I had finished ACSDAL, and I have a digital copy already on my Kindle, so I hope that I get to read this one. I read A Curse so Dark and Lonely on my old blog, and gave it five out of five! You can read the review by clicking the card below.

🐍 Arithmancy 🐍

balance / opposites – read something outside your favourite genre

My favourite genre is YA Fantasy, so I am going to try an Adult Romance novel. After You is currently sitting on my bookshelf after I found a copy in my neighborhood’s Little Library Box. I really enjoyed Me Before You, and would like to see how this one goes because I do not generally like Adult Romances. I find them to be too monotonous and focused on “oh, my divorce came through but I’m pregnant with my ex-husband’s brother’s child” sort of thing. I know, it’s an exaggeration, but still.

🐍 Transfiguration 🐍

book / series that involves shape shifting

On the recommendations list, a few people listed Sorcery of Thorns, and I don’t know if you guys noticed but this one has been on my list for a rather long time, and it is also a part of my physical TBR. So when is a better time to complete it than this magical readathon? Plus it’s about a magic librarian, this is O.W.L’s to be a magical librarian. It’s extremely fitting!

🐍 History of Magic 🐍

book featuring witches / wizards

This is another book on my physical TBR. Serpent and Dove was an impulse buy and I really really want to read this one, and again, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! As for my impulse buying, I happened to buy it due to all the glowing reviews popping into my inbox. Well, that and the cover art. Can you blame me? It’s dark and beautiful and I really want to read it because the plot sounds the same!

🐍 defense against the dark arts 🐍

book set at the sea / coast

I love the beach, sea, coast, whatever you want to call it. I grew up really close with the water and I have a really good relationship with it (no, my mermaid phase never really went away) and so I am always excited to read a book featured near or in the sea. The recommendations sheet offers House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig, which has also been on my TBR for ages. Plus, it might inspire me to watch Barbie : The Twelve Dancing Princesses again.

Yeah, that’s my TBR for the month! I am also gonna squeeze in Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis, a book I’ve been sent by Penguin Publishing to review! In the review I am gonna include photos of the book and cover it came with, because it is awesome.

Are you participating in the O.W.L’s this year? Do you know anyone who is? What career goal have you chosen / would you choose?

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  1. ahhh this sounds SO cool, Emma!! i’ve never participated in the O.W.L.’s readathon, but the description is so special and magical, i love it! i might participate, we’ll see if i get around to doing it haha. 😉

    i haven’t read any of the books on your TBR, but i’ve heard of most of them. Serpent and Dove and House of Salt and Sorrows sound like such amazing books (not to mention their covers are both *chef’s kiss* 😍)! i hope you have fun with this readathon and good luck!! you got this ❤

    hope you're doing well xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is actually my first readathon! I’m super excited 🙂
      If you do, that’s amazing! If not it happens every year, or you can do the N.E.W.T.S after this one (you don’t need to do O.W.L.S to participate)
      The covers are so freaking pretty!!!!
      Thank you xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck with your OWLS, Emma! ❤ I've never participated in this readathon either but I think you've inspired me to join. It will be the perfect chance to catch up with my TBR [don't even ask about my lousy Smarch reading 😂] AND keep me sane during this period of social distancing and isolation.

    AND just in case I haven't raved about it enough to you – I AM SO GLAD YOUR GOING TO BE PICKING UP HOUSE OF SALT AND SORROWS! YAY! Honestly, it's so good. Very moody and eerie. Also Annaleigh gave me all the Barbie/Genevieve vibes. Definitely an excuse to crack out those classic Barbie movies!

    Happy reading ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely the perfect opportunity, and it’s Harry Potter so its a win win??

      Yes! You actually inspired me to put it on my TBR in the first place and I am super excited to get around to reading it this month!

      Happy reading! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. being a magical librarian hands-down sounds like THE BEST JOB EVER! plusss, you get to read books in the restricted section of the library which is ah-mazing! and i totally get you abt. adult romances, or generally adult novels. personally, it doesn’t have that spark to it the way YA novels do and is just a bit.. dry. also, would you believe me if i sad that all of the books you mentioned are on my T.B.R?? there are so many books, but so little timeee. but this readathon sounds soooo amazing, i might join! (we have to spread the slytherin spirit around ;))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I was so happy when I saw it as an option!
      Yeah, there’s so much first world drama?? Like?? Where are my champions trying to start a rebellion??
      So many books! I would believe you, it seems like we have super similar reading tastes!!
      Yay to a fellow Slytherin!! If you do I wish you the best of luck ❤❤❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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