Hiya bookish people!

I have a friend who is a very very old man (he’s 16 days older than me! That’s ancient!) who has compiled a list of movies that I apparently have to watch before I die. Keep in mind that I probably won’t have time to finish these in my lifetime. Some of these aren’t ones he’s recommended but ones we plan to eventually watch together at some point. Anyway. Here is the list!

Gray posters are the ones that I’ve now seen. All posters link to the movie trailer on Youtube!

Recommendations and ‘you-have-to-watch-this-with-me-you-have-no-choice’s From My Friend

What is on my want-to-watch list


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  1. Ah, so many movies!! I think the biggest surprise on this list is that there’s three Lilo and Stitch movies 😮? I didn’t know I needed the extra movies in my life until now haha.
    Parasite is so so good and worth all the hype! And I’ve been meaning to watch The Big Lebowski for a long time now, but I always forget about it when I’m choosing a movie to watch 😅.

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    1. I know! I just thought that there was one, and then the Stitch movie and the series?
      My eyes have been opened!
      I know – I always forget to watch stuff on this list until I am already watching something.

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  2. – I was just thinking about Kingsman: The Golden Circle last night and how I wish it had never existed because of certain reasons (mostly the lady’s burgers).
    – I love Lilo & Stitch so much, but I don’t think I have seen either Stitch the Movie or Leroy and Stitch! I do recommend Stitch has a Glitch though – it’s super sad but good.
    – I enjoyed Love, Simon, but wish it was closer to the book
    – Room was really intense, but great
    I hope you enjoy all the movies when you get to them!!

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    1. Those burgers were definitely disturbing. And now I regret making burgers for dinner last night XD
      Oh no! Sad Disney movies are my biggest weakness (apart from burning books, and bugs.)
      It sucks when a book to movie adaptation lets you down, but it’s good that you still enjoyed it 🙂
      Oooooh, now I can’t wait!
      Thank you!

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  3. Hahaha, the difference between your friend’s list and yours is kind of funny!!! While his contains more action and adventure films yours, is more on the romantic side. Your list is what mine would be like because there are a lot of romantic movies and comedies on your list and I just adore that genre. I have seen more movies on your list but, The Dark Knight is a very good film with an amazing cast.
    Love Simon was a good movie but it wasn’t better than the book but, then again when are movies better than books?;) I mean it happens occasionally but, not too often. Brooklyn is one of my favorite movies and you should definitely see that film. It’s sweet, romantic and I could just talk about how much I love it for pages. I saw on your bio that you like The Notebook(which I also adore)so, I’m positive you will fall in love with Brooklyn. Sorry for the long comment but, I couldn’t help myself. Any movie recommendations?

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    1. I’ll definitely have to hurry up and watch it then 🙂
      It’s so cool to see that we have similar movie tastes! Flick me a message anytime you wanna rec / talk about some movies 😉
      Almost never, I swear. I really need to hurry up and watch these because so many people are saying that they are good!
      I’ll add Brooklyn to my list ASAP, because yes I do love the Notebook!
      Of course! Nicholas Sparks adaptations all the way, except for the Lucky One, it kinda sucked. Someone Great, Crazy Rich Asians, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Clueless are always my go to! And, if you wanna dive back into some nostalgia, the OG Barbie movies all the way!

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      1. Now I completely trust your taste;) Clueless and Ten Things are amazing movies(“I hope not sporadically!” is probably my favorite quote) and I think I’ve seen each more than three times;) Nicholas Sparks adaptations are always great but, (aside from the Notebook of course)I really like Dear John! Have you seen it? I have not seen Someone Great but, I will watch ASAP(it looks good) as it’s on Netflix.

        I thought I was the only crazy teen who went back to watch the OG barbie movies. It may be cringey and cheesy but, its reminds me of my youth. What’s your favorite barbie movie? Growing up I always liked Fairytopia, the 12 Dancing Princesses and Barbie Swan Lake. I think to revisit some other ones as well. I know that I used to own close to thirty barbie dolls some of which were the characters from the movie.
        I would love to talk some more, can I reach you through the contact page?

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      2. I have seen Dear John, it was so good and sad and amazing! Nicholas Sparks makes me cry everytime.

        They are such amazing movies! I love rewatching them every now and then 🙂
        I always revisit Mermaidia, Rapunzel, Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. I never really had the dolls, but I did love looking at them online and the collectors staged ones. I remember there was a store in the city with a glass table / cabinet thingy with scenes with the dolls in there (it was a novelty store with heaps of nick nacks) but they’ve shut down now, sadly.

        Of course! If it’s easier you can just send me an email / hangout message to me at emma.afctl@gmail.com 🙂


  4. Ok so I know this tends to be a rather unusual opinion but I HATED Joker. It’s one of the handful of films that I’ve left the cinema during. And it isn’t because I went in to it expecting a Marvel style action packed movie, I expected more of a psychological thriller and what I got was just… I don’t even know how to describe it. On the bright side I LOVED Birds Of Prey and I know you enjoyed it too. Have you seen Oceans 8 (I think that’s the right number – I mean the all girl one).
    I enjoyed Red Riding Hood & The Host out of your list. Room was interesting too.

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    1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! I’m still hoping to watch it but life keeps getting in the way :/
      I have seen ocean’s 8, and I liked it! But then again, Anne Hathaway rarely does a bad movies.

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      1. I hope you enjoy it a lot more than I did (: Hopefully you’ll get a chance to watch it soon.
        That’s so true. I’ve enjoyed pretty much every movie that I’ve seen her in.

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