Hiya bookish people!

So, it doesn’t seem to matter where on the book blogging moors you go, there is someone talking about the TATBILB sequel movie, and to be honest, I kinda want to see it. So here I am, writing this post at 9:18pm on a school night (don’t worry, I have tutor class first, which is essentially study period) and about to watch Lara Jean on the big screen of my computer monitor once again. So, let’s begin!

  • That recap is super helpful, actually. Thank you Netflix! Although I do feel like the short video that Netflix used to advertise it reveals a lot to someone who hasn’t read the book / seen the first movie yet . . .
  • Yeesh, an hour and 42 minutes? I can do this! Skittles, and a movie on a school night. I’ll be fine
  • Lara Jean’s bedroom is honestly a goal though! It’s messy, like mine, but a perfect room to dance around like a maniac too! Lara, you are babey.
  • Kitty, Adventures in Babysitting is actually a really cool movie! She can fantasize all she wants.
  • Lara Jean and Peter both seem super excited and it is so adorable. Including their banter, peak adorable
  • Subtitles are handy, I can now add ‘lift me from the ground’ by San Holo to my playlist because I like the song. Jeez, not even ten minutes in and I’m already at eight points
  • They are too precious – “I promise I won’t break your heart”
  • Also, this lantern thingy is giving me major Tangled (2010) vibes
  • His victory dance, honey my heart
  • Their dresses are really really cool, and ooohhhh Lara Jean has a letter
    *cue the Blue’s Clues theme music in my head*
  • I know I just had dinner, but all that food is kinda making me hungry again
  • KITTY HONESTLY YOU ARE a big mood, I’d totally do the same thing in that situation
  • The letter is from John Ambrose! The Tea is hot!! And damn, he has really cool handwriting.
  • Screw the comment about LJ’s bedroom, that tree house is far superior.
  • Okay. I am officially gonna cut this down to one comment per scene, or my fingers might fall off with all that I have to say.
  • I love LJ’s stationary? That paper is so cool! I can honestly relate so much to her not being able to respond – it’s basically me to every email or letter that I get. Not that I get any letters. They’re both canonically Hufflepuffs! How cute!
  • Do highschools in the US actually have lockers??? Those paper butterflies in the halls are super cute, and I am so glad that LJ and Peter are actually talking about John Ambrose and college rather than having one of those qUiRkY YA relationship moments where their biggest plot turn is because they don’t communicate. Chris’s makeup got so shiny – I love it! Gen is still so salty. Yucky. SHE DID NOT JUST FAT SHAME LJ, SHE IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL THE WAY SHE IS!
  • Why is he late? And Peter is so freaking cute in his lacrosse hoodie! Ah, yes, the awesome traditional YA carnival scene. It never gets old. I love it. Do couples actually take that many selfies? Also I kinda wish there were carnivals near me, we have Christmas in the park which is the closest thing.
  • Kitty reminds me of Beth. Such a matchmaker.
  • That subtle look at the candy jar! Gen! How could you do this to my adorable sweet-toothed LJ?! This retirement house looks so snazzy, I can only hope to get into a place like that when I’m old and saggy. These clubs are things that we have at school too, do old people revert to high-school like tendencies? This is different from the book though. What happened to the pen-palling? There’s my classic LJ, tripping over candy. Pensive baking. Yay! I am kinda sad we didn’t see much of LJ baking in the first movie. I kind of want to go bake now… I was told that it is too late at night to bake. Darn. At least I know what I’m doing this weekend. Honestly, Beth – Kitty, the similarities are RIGHT THERE!!
  • Okay, highschool can’t actually decorate that much, and have these sorts of songs and stuff? We barely had people give out roses this year. And I mean barely, only those couples did. YES, THE BACKSTREET BOYS! LJ’s card is super cute. Woah, Peter got a lot of cards. That’s gotta be exaggerated.
  • Their table! The contract! Ah, the memories.It’s such a pretty necklace. My heart with these two, I honestly can’t. Baking and a card. Food will win me over, anytime. And a poem? Guys, my heart can not.
  • The woodshop room is the only place that actually reminds me of my highschool. This conversation is just as awkward in the movie as the book though. I love it.
  • Honestly why does Dorothy’s flippant attitude and the worst job remind me of all my teachers? It is kinda like they feel like they can just say ‘they are XYZ so it doesn’t matter what you do with the space, no one cares.’ Love letters! Yay! Oh shit, his love letter. Can I have red sneakers? They would be cool. I’m gonna look for red shoes now. Yes, LJ, it is that mortifying.
  • Can I just say that Stormy has an amazing apartment, and amazing clothing sense? Oh! He . . . he plagiarized the poem. My heart kinda dropped a bit, to be honest.
  • All these questions, LJ is me with any dilemma. Wait, is, is LJ having a Chidi moment from the Good Place? Why does it sound like LJ sounds like she is trying to convince herself that she is happy. “KK”. I honestly cannot text like that. It hurts my brain – and why does Peter always seem to have his girlfriend in a headlock?
  • Talking! More talking! And some not talking. But I am very very happy that this couple is able to talk, unlike in other YA books.
  • Bingo actually looks fun. And yes, girls do talk about this stuff here, just less of a life or death team situation. And old people are impatient, but I guess they get to be – they’ve had a long life to be patient. Yes, old people are definitely like highschool students. Dorothy, you’re an ass. But that basement is kinda cool. Of course you had good times in that tree house! It is a really cool freaking tree house! I kinda think that maybe Peter instigates all the talking if this is the procrastination that LJ is showing. But mood.
  • I wish I had done a time capsule. And I guess we blame it on testosterone but I never really liked the jealous boyfriend trope – watching it, reading it and witnessing it is a super awkward situation for everyone involved. Yes, Linkin Park does slap. Peter is kinda being a dick. Why can’t she have guy friends? And yes inviting your ex girlfriend is a worse move than asking another person to bring pizza.
  • Yay to miscommunication as a plot device. But LJ. You are not. Making things. Any better. By Butt Bumping Him. But it is such a super cute name story. John Ambrose, your piano skills are awesome. I’m kinda sad I can’t find this piece on Spotify, apparently Jordan Fisher wrote it himself!
  • Honestly her dad is so cute, and so is Trina. I love it.
  • If I celebrated Thanksgiving, I would totally do it in March from now on.
  • It is really cute that LJ is dressing up for Peter, and I am glad she seems happy to do it, but I kinda feel like the motivation for it is a little off. That’s fine though because she is happy. Oh no! Not Peter Gen! NO! She dressed up and everything! How are you gonna get yourself out of this one Peter? Or just dig yourself even deeper. And deeper. My heart is breaking at the moment, somehow on screen it feels different reading it.
  • Tik Tok has ruined this song for me. I can’t. I’m sorry. But I do want to go to Kelly Tarltons now (my equivalent of an aquarium). And that shot type though! The symbolism of them getting further away! Gah, this is what having Media Studies does to a girl.
  • I feel like Lara Jean is the most relatable portrayed teenage girl character in YA movies that I have seen in a very long time. Cue LJ’s friendship hangover confession. Cue me having to pause the movie because my friend thinks I’m mad at him. Problem fixed.
  • Aww, they kept their bracelets. Yay, her dad and Trina got together.
  • The Star Ball looks so cool. And Stormy looks fabulous, as always. And now LJ looks even more amazing than normal. Every girl deserves her princess moment, and LJ has got it. Was that Jenny Han in the background? And everyone looks like they are having heaps of fun. The dance story is so cute. And the snow angels are also so cute.
  • I think that, just like in the books, LJ and John Ambrose got together super quickly. I don’t think that any of them were able to sort their own heads out before they kissed. I’m glad that LJ and Peter are still together though, even if he is flawed. Having flaws makes him a better character.
  • Stormy is what I want to be when I’m old(er). And this scene I think will be my favourite from the books and the movies, always and forever.

I won’t blame you if you chose not to read all of that. Have you watched or read PS I Still Love you? Thoughts?

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    1. Ah, thank you!
      It was super fun to do!
      I’m hoping to watch All the Bright Places next but I don’t think I’ll do this post for it (otherwise they’re too close together). Have you seen it yet?


    1. I did too – the second one didn’t feel as high-stakes as the first,
      Me too! Stargirl recently got added to Disney+, and there is All the Bright Places on Netflix too.

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