I am going to be on holiday in the UK over Christmas (Yay!) and I won’t be able to do a lot of blog hopping or replying to comments, but I would still love it if you do comment! I will reply ASAP when I get back !

Absent dates: 17 December 2019 → 18 January 2020

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This is my seventh Blogmas post for 2019!! Wow, the month is going fast, don’t ya think. Anyway, today’s post is about me wrapping up my year and also setting my Goodreads for next year, the roaring 20’s are back. I plan on finding an awesome nickname for everyone and wearing awesome clothes. However, that’s not completely realistic, so watch me wear sweatpants every day again.

I will be doing a bunch of pie charts (because I am hungry so let’s do this) and I am going to be doing a bunch of different categories.

I have read 54 books so far this year (December 3rd, 2019).

I’m going to set my reading goal to 60 books for next years! That is ten more than before.

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  1. Reading 54 books is amazing!! That’s more than 1 a week!! Whoop Whoop!! This has been my best year for reading, I’m currently on 58 books and I’m hoping to reach 60 by the end of the year!!
    I think 4 stars is my most common rating as well which is good!!
    Best of luck with your next goal!! ❤

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