Hiya bookish people!

Tags are a super fun way to connect with some of your favourite book bloggers, and it is a super fun way to talk more about your favourite fandoms! But something we don’t really talk about is that there are things we all learn while doing tags. Sure, we talk about our reviewing habits, and our discussion post habits, but I think it is time to talk about what I have learnt while doing tags, in short, my tagging habits.


Yes, it’s true. You can always say no<. Tags are handed out for you to do for fun, and if it is going to stress you out, you don’t have to do it! Actually, here are a few reasons why you wouldn’t want to do a tag. Of course, you can still not complete a tag if your reason isn’t on this list :

  • You don’t have the time!
  • You can’t think of any books to put for answers
  • It doesn’t relate to anything you enjoy
  • You have posts backed up for ages
  • </ul


    Yes, this seems super basic, but always link back to whoever created the tag (if you can find them), link to the blog of the people you tag and whoever tagged you. It’s just the right thing to do so that you can give credit where credit is due, and let others know about other blogs. If you think about it, it is a super simple concept, but I guess that you do it just like you say “thank you” to someone.


    Again, this one is super basic, just answer all questions honestly. Otherwise you may get caught up trying to defend an answer that you don’t agree with, or trying to praise a book you haven’t read. It wouldn’t end well.


    It is okay to double up. Whether is be just a fandom or a character, you can double up your answers from another tag. I mean, you guys have seen me use Throne of Glass and Red Queen or anything Sarah J. Maas and especially To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before as answers in nearly every single tag. I mean it, if it is too repetitive, please tell me. I don’t want to be annoying and boring.


    I know, you want to spread the love. Tags can be stressful, and I know I am doing a lot of them at the moment, and I am doing Blogmas next month. So instead, I am not tagging anyone for a while since I don’t want to overwhelm people, or over tag people. So yes, it is okay to complete a tag and not tag anyone else. However, I really recommend that if you have been tagged in a new tag, then tag people to help spread the word about it.


    GIF’s are always fun, but they seem to be even more fun during tags as reactions. That’s the point, yes it is short, no I have nothing more to add. Yes, I have a GIF for this point.

    What have you learnt about doing tags? Anything you want to share?

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  1. Hahaha, that gif was the perfect way to end this post 😂.
    I really love all your points, Emma! The ones that stuck out to me the most were “you can always say ‘no thank you’” and “you don’t have to tag anyone”. These two things are the hardest for me to do because I always feel so happy that someone tagged me in a post in the first place. In my head, completing the tag seems like the best way for me to show the tagger how I’m grateful I am that they thought of me 😅. But, people usually preface their tags by saying it’s not necessary to do them, so I’m trying to cut myself some slack haha.

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    1. Thank you so much Belle!
      I definitely wanted to write this post since I know that a lot of people feel obliged to do tags, and even if people continue to worry about them, they can know they are allowed to say no or at least I won’t take offense if they don’t do one of mine.
      Definitely cut yourself some slack! Tags are fun, you don’t need to worry, and most people are super calm about tags taking ages 🙂

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  2. ok, hands-down YES. at some point, i held off on doing tags because i was worried i was doing too many of them, but then i felt guilty– and that shouldn’t be! also, gifs are the pathway into a reader’s soul and you will never see me not- using them 🙂

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  3. I agree with all of this (: although I really struggle to find gifs and never know what you can and can’t use 😅 I enjoy doing tags though and everybody’s bound to double up on answers sometimes. Especially when it comes to favourite books and similar questions. I have a lot of tags atm too but I am planning to get caught up on them all. They’re really fun and give you a chance to talk about different books.

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    1. Haha yes, gifs are fun but it can be difficult choosing which ones to put in!
      It is really hard to answer some originally, and I end up doubling up…. or tripling….. or quadrupling…
      I hope you enjoy completing them all 🙂

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      1. I find them hard to find at times.
        Yeah I agree. Especially if you look at a tag and instantly think ‘well that’s definitely so and so’ even though you literally used it in your last tag 😅
        Thank you (: I am enjoying answering them all ☺️

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